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      Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) was created to ensure that research relevant to Saskatchewan's agriculture is undertaken to help farmers and ranchers become successful. It provides project funding of nearly  $14 million per year on a competitive basis to researchers in public and private research and development. The funding is provided to create future growth opportunities and to enhance the competitiveness of the provincial agriculture industry. This investment results in new knowledge, information and choices of technologies for producers and food processors, including feed and nutrition information for ranchers, and new crop cultivars and production information for farmers. 

The Ministry's focus for research and development investments is the long-term sustainability of the agriculture sector in Saskatchewan. Therefore, the Ministry has taken an outcome based approach, targeting ADF to achieve the following outcomes:

  • New crops and/or cultivars meeting market demands and consumer preferences
  • Increased livestock competitiveness
  • Optimized livestock feeding systems
  • New and innovative food, bioproducts, and processing technologies
  • Improved food quality
  • Innovative and sustainable farming systems and practices
  • Enhanced adaptive capacity of the Provincial soil and ecosystem resources
  • Utilization of biotechnology to enhance agriculture and value-added production
  • Decreased agricultural production risks

In addition to the above mentioned outcomes, the ministry has also identified some specific outputs and priorities for each of the 15 SRP chairs.

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Summary of ADF Approved Projects:

27 livestock-related research projects $4,188,288

Nearly $7 million in funding for 46 crop-related research projects.

23 livestock-related research projects  - $ 3,405,494

38 crop-related research projects - $6,494,634

26 livestock-related research projects:  $3,493,549

34 crop-related research projects:  $8,274,019

29 livestock and forage-related projects: $7,051,547

42 crops-related research projects $7,406,563

21 livestock and forage projects $2,539,339

23 crops-related research projects $3,260,247

ADF funding awarded for 48 projects in 2009

ADF funding awarded for 58 projects in 2008.

ADF funding awarded for 35 projects in 2007.

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