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      Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Agriculture Knowledge Centre provides agriculture information and advice to farmers, ranchers and the agriculture industry on topics ranging from crop and livestock production to new research and technology, government programs and services, and farm business management.

A toll free line puts you in touch with resource agents and specialists who are knowledgeable about the agriculture industry, and who are linked to regional and provincial specialists from across the Ministry of Agriculture.  The Agriculture Knowledge Centre is committed to providing expert technical information and excellence in client service delivered by friendly and experienced staff.

Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday
Phone: 1-866-457-2377
Fax: 1-306-694-3938
Toll-free fax number 1-800-775-5358
Out-of-province: 1-306-694-3727
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Rick Bjorge, PAg - Assistant Director

Rick is Assistant Director of Regional Services and Manager of the Agriculture Knowledge Centre. He previously worked as South Region Manager with Saskatchewan Agriculture and, before that, as a District Agriculturist in the Westlock and Peace River regions of Alberta. Rick has a B.Sc. in Agriculture and an M.Ag. from the University of Alberta.

Colleen Seaman - Resource Agent

Colleen has worked with Saskatchewan Agriculture the past 19 years. Colleen and her husband operate a mixed farm in the Eyebrow area.

Kathy Daviduk - Resource Agent

Kathy worked as a Client Service Representative with Saskatchewan Agriculture since 1982. She has 26 years of experience working with the farming sector and also has a farming background.

Val Zimmer - Resource Agent

Val has worked as a Client Service Representative for Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation and Saskatchewan Agriculture for several years.

Barb Field – Regional Service Representative

Barb provides front-line customer service to producers on programs and services and also administrative support to the Moose Jaw office.  Prior to joining the Ministry of Agriculture, Barb worked as a Business Information Officer with Enterprise Saskatchewan.  She has many years of experience assisting clients with their information needs. 

Jennifer Hickey – Resource Agent

Jennifer worked as a customer service representative and receptionist with private businesses before joining the Agriculture Knowledge Centre.  She grew up on a farm in the Assiniboia area. 

Daphne Cruise, PAg - Cropping Mangement Specialist

Daphne has a B.Sc. in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in environmental science and a minor in rangeland resources.  She comes from a cattle and grain farm near Findlater and currently farms with family at Stalwart. Daphne worked with the Agriculture Knowledge Centre, first as an agrologist intern, and now as a regional crops specialist. Daphne is interested in new crops and emerging cropping systems, including organic agriculture. Daphne also works on the Crop Report and with the Saskatchewan Young Ag-Entrepreneurs, Saskatchewan Agriculture's Youth Advisory Committee and the Agriculture in the Classroom program.

Shannon Friesen, PAg – Regional Crops Specialist

Shannon has a BSc. in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in agricultural biology. She worked in west-central Saskatchewan for several years as a retail agronomist prior to joining the Ministry of Agriculture in 2011.  Since then, Shannon has worked out of the Weyburn and Moose Jaw regional offices providing technical information on all aspects of crop management and production. She has a wide range of agronomic knowledge with specific interests in crop pests and emerging technologies. In addition she works on the Crop Report and other technological initiatives.

Val Panko - Farm Business Management Specialist

Val has a B.Sc. in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, with majors in agricultural extension and crop science.  She recently worked with Farm Credit Canada,  the Royal Bank as an agriculture accounts manager and with Cargill AgHorizons as a farm marketing representative.  As a Regional Farm Business Management Specialist, Val works with farmers, ranchers and the agriculture industry on topics related to business management, economics and decision making.

Colby Elford, PAg - Regional Livestock Specialist

Colby received his B.Sc. in biology from the University of Regina in 2008.  Colby was raised on a cattle ranch in southern Saskatchewan and presently farms in the Old Wives Lake area, while continuing to work in partnership with his family's ranch south of McCord.  Colby has a strong practical background in the livestock industry and is interested in livestock and grazing management, forage production and the environment and conservation.  He is eager to develop and expand his knowledge of the agriculture industry.  Colby previously worked as a Cattle and Hog Auditor with Financial Programs Branch and as a pasture rider with Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA).

Patrick Mooleki, PAg - Soil/Nutrient Management Specialist

Patrick holds a PhD and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Saskatchewan, as well as a B.Sc. from the University of Zambia. His PhD studies and research focused on pulses in crop rotations in Saskatchewan, and he subsequently worked with the University of Saskatchewan, Department of Soil Science, on livestock manure management and fertilizer application. His M.Sc. research studies focused on nitrogen and phosphorus management. He has also worked as a consultant and lecturer in Saskatchewan and as a manager of a research centre in Zambia. Patrick has worked with the Agriculture Knowledge Centre since 2004, first as a crops specialist and now as a soil/nutrient management specialist. Patrick's focus is on the soil-crop interface including the areas of soil management, soil conservation, soil fertility and organic and inorganic fertilizers.

Murray Feist, PAg – Ruminant Nutrition Specialist

Murray has a B.Sc. in agriculture and a M.Sc. in ruminant nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan.  Murray started working with Saskatchewan Agriculture as a Ruminant Nutrition specialist in 1997. Working out of the University of Saskatchewan campus, his role has varied from providing advice on cattle, sheep, cervids and bison nutrition, making presentations at extension events, doing guest university lectures and developing fact sheets, as well as involvement with research and feedstuff development. As the ruminant nutrition specialist, Murray is a source of information on nutrition feeds and feed management.

Brent Flaten, PAg, CCA - Integrated Pest Management Specialist

Brent has a B.Sc. in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, majoring in agronomy. He grew up spending summers at his family's farm near Weyburn. Brent has a wide variety of work experience, working in both private industry and government across the prairies.  He has worked in the crop protection industry, in an extension role with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, and as a crop specialist with Agricore United and Viterra.  Brent's primary focus is integrated pest management of weeds, diseases and insects. Other areas of interest include general crop, soil and nutrient management.

Rachel Turnquist, PAg – Regional Forage Specialist

Rachel has a BSc. in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan with a major in Environmental Science. She also has a diploma in Agriculture Production with a livestock major from Olds College. Rachel previously worked with Dow AgroSciences and as an Agri-Environmental Group Plan technician. Rachel is a source of information for producers and the agriculture industry on forage management.

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