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     Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Saskatchewan oilseed production has grown successfully over the last 30 years. The second largest crop grown in the province is now canola - a crop that did not exist 30 years ago.

Blackleg is a serious disease of canola that can result in significant yield loss in susceptible varieties.

This publication provides essential information that can help establish and maintain a successful canola crop.

Clubroot is a soil-borne disease caused by a microbe, Plasmodiophora brassicae.

A factsheet that addresses the environmental, genetic and canola production factors that affect canola seed vigour.

Canola plants need a constant supply of available sulpher.

Fully and properly matured canola will have no chlorophyll, which we typically measure in western Canada as per cent green seed.

What is Fusarium wilt?  

Staff of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (Tom Boyle as project lead and Kim Stonehouse), SaskCanola (Pat Flaten), Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (Phil Leduc, Les Hill), Canola Council of Canada (Tiffany Martinka), and Bunge (Terry Slusar, Rick Cherepuschak) combined resources to devise a protocol, monitor temperatures and quality parameters and report results.

A common question asked by growers, buyers and consumers of mustard is: "How can we differentiate canola from mustard?"

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and the Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission (SaskCanola) remind producers to take the necessary precautions to prevent clubroot in their canola crops by following best management and disease prevention practices as they begin spring seeding

Red turnip beetles are an occasional pest of canola, rapeseed and mustard in the northern Great Plains of North America.

It is important for growers to assess their sclerotinia risk at early flowering. 

A factsheet that explains what information canola growers can use - and how to use it - to ensure their canola seed has good vigour.

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