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Looking for unwanted plant invaders started soon after settlers came to Saskatchewanwith a few seeds of their favourite plants from far away lands. While many were beneficial, some of these plants came to dominate crops, pastures and native areas and now cause serious economic and environmental harm. These invasive plants are also called weeds and are not wanted by agricultural or environmental land managers.

The information below may help you identify and control various weeds in Saskatchewan.

In Saskatchewan, the worst weeds are declared noxious under the Noxious Weed Act. Section 13 (1) of the Act states: "Every owner or occupant of land shall destroy noxious weeds on his land and prevent the spread of noxious weeds to other lands." Saskatchewan's noxious weeds (N) are included below:

OTHER NAMES: Absinthe, Madderwort, Warmat, Varmit, Wormwood.

OTHER NAMES:Maiden's breath, tall gypsophyll

OTHER NAMES: Neslia, yellow weed.

OTHER NAMES: Cow-bell, rattleweed.

OTHER NAMES: Stickseed, Stickweed.

OTHER NAMES: Creeping thistle, field thistle

OTHER NAMES: Bedstraw, white hedge, cleaver-wort, cathweed, scarth-grass, grip-grass.

OTHER NAMES: Bardane, lesser burdock, wild burdock, wild rhubarb, beggar's button.

Annual or winter annual spreading by seed and by the stems rooting at the nodes.

Annual, winter annual or possibly biennial which reproduces only by seed.

OTHER NAMES:Devil's-gut, pickpurse, sandweed.

OTHER NAMES: China cockle, cow-herb

OTHER NAMES: Blow Ball, Faceclock.

Biennial to short-lived perennial reproducing by seeds. Once established it competes strongly with desirable forage grasses.

OTHER NAMES: Rocketweed.

OTHER NAMES: European bindweed, small-flowered morning glory, creeping jenny.

Grayish-green annual or winter annual

OTHER NAMES: Cockspur grass, summer grass, water grass

Downy brome is an annual grass that typically germinates in the fall and overwinters as a small seedling. Plants resume growth early in the spring.

OTHER NAMES: Wild barley, skunk-grass, squirrel-tail, foxtail

OTHER NAMES: Bottle grass, green bristle grass, wild millet, pigeon grass.

Persian darnel is an annual grass that is becoming a troublesome weed for many farmers in Western Canada.

OTHER NAMES: Twitch, quitch, scutch, quick or couch grass.

OTHER NAMES: Oat Grass, poor oats and wheat oats.

OTHER NAMES: Dog nettle, bee nettle, flowering nettle, wild hemp, ironweed.

DESCRIPTION: Annual or biennial spreading by seed.

OTHER NAMES: Perennial pepper-grass, white-top, white-weed

OTHER NAMES: Fireweed, Mexican burning bush, Mexican fireweed, Summer Cypress.

OTHER NAMES: Fat-hen, pigweed, white goosefoot.

Perennial, spreading by seeds but also has persistent vertical and horizontal underground rootstocks on which shoot buds are produced, all part of the plant containing a milky juice.

Annual or winter annual with milky juice.

Annual or winter annual; reproduces by seed.

OTHER NAMES: Musk thistle, Plumeless thistle.

OTHER NAMES: Creeping sow-thistle, field sow-thistle

OTHER NAMES:Pursley, pussley, wild portulaca, duckweed.

OTHER NAMES:Redroot, green amaranth, rough pigweed, green pigweed.


Perennial, forming dense patches, spreading by seeds and creeping horizontal roots.

OTHER NAMES: Russian cactus, Russian tumbleweed. The scientific name Salsola kali var tenuifoila also applied to this plant.

OTHER NAMES: False chamomile

OTHER NAMES: Shepherd's pouch, St. James weed, pepper plant, mother's heart.

Short-lived, tap-rooted perennial reproducing only by seeds.

OTHER NAMES: Fanweed, pennycress, frenchweed.

Annual or winter annual.

Annual, spreading by seeds.

OTHER NAMES: Butter-and-eggs, wild snapdragon, yellow toadflax

Perennial, spreading by seeds.

OTHER NAMES: Cowbane, poison parsnip, wild parsnip, snake root, snakeweed, spotted hemlock, poison hemlock.

OTHER NAMES: Evening lychnis, white campion.

OTHER NAMES: Black bindweed, climbing bindweed and corn bindweed.

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Weed Inspectors are the enforcement agent appointed by municipalities.

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