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Last Update: February 2007

When looking for part-time or full-time labour, consider advertising with:

  • local newspaper
  • Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association (
  • public employment services
  • private employment agencies
  • word of mouth (through employees, friends, neighbours, other employers, etc.)
  • displaying posters (around nearby towns)
  • people with related experience in non-farm jobs (e.g. nurses in the pork industry)
  • high school graduates
  • SIAST – Agriculture Division graduates
  • college or university placement offices (for skilled employees)

Newspaper Ads

In order to attract applicants who meet qualifications, advertising in larger centres and in magazines, as well as newspapers, may help. The ad should include:

  • major responsibilities
  • skill and knowledge requirements
  • wages and work hours
  • length of employment
  • past experience required
  • physical and job requirements
  • benefits, bonuses or opportunities
  • location
  • closing date, and
  • how to apply, providing contact information such as a phone number, mailing address or e-mail address.

Public Employment Services

The Saskatchewan Department of Advanced Education and Employment provides a resource for both employees and employers.

The Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Centre (CEC) provides a listing of CEC offices, and access to advertising and application options for various jobs in Saskatchewan.

SaskNetwork - Saskatchewan’s career, employment and labour market information website.

Private Employment Agencies

Private agencies assist employers searching for qualified applicants. These agencies are primarily used for temporary or casual positions. The agency receives an employer's recruitment request and then seeks employees who may fill the position, often through advertising or walk-ins. Applicants are screened and qualified persons are asked to report to the employer.

The level of service provided by each agency varies. Fees charged by private agencies are paid by the employer and vary based on the level of services provided.

A list of private employment agencies may be found in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.

High School, SIAST, College, or University Placement Offices

Placement offices recruit summer students, co-op students (work education programs), or recent graduates. Job openings are posted at the school or campus placement offices and may be available on their websites as well. Students who express interest in a particular job can meet with potential employers to discuss employment opportunities and their suitability for the position. If a placement or recruitment office is not available, counselors and teachers may help with leads to suitable applicants.

 Evaluation of Recruitment Process

Employers should evaluate the effectiveness of their recruiting process regularly, including:

  • number of applicants versus number of qualified applicants
  • cost per applicant
  • length of time to fill position
  • quality of employees (performance, motivation, absenteeism, etc.)
  • turnover of employees

Human Resources Reference Materials

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