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   Wednesday, November 25, 2015

June 2012

This publication will discuss forage selection and pasture management information specific to bison, taking into account factors unique to this animal and industry.

Providing abundant and good quality forage for bison, especially during the summer, is one of the keys to successful bison ranching. Forage shortages during summer can often result in poor conception rates. Adopt the philosophy that you are a forage producer first and a bison rancher second. Bison are the self-propelled forage harvesters you have chosen to make use of your pasture.

The information in this publication was collected from forage specialists, pasture inspections, producer observations, and published papers. Some of the bison production and pasture management details may change as further research is conducted and ranchers gain more experience. Producers are encouraged to explore and adopt other practices that proved successful for themselves but are not mentioned in this publication.

Download entire factsheet from the image link to the right or the green text link below.

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PDF document published by the Saskatchewan Forage Council (3.70 MB)

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