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      Friday, November 27, 2015

(Malva pusilla)


ORIGIN: Europe

HABITAT: Gardens, farmyards, roadsides, waste places, cultivated land.

DESCRIPTION: Annual to short-lived perennial reproducing by seed.

STEMS: Prostrate, 10-50 cm long.

LEAVES: Alternate, roughly circular in outline, wavy margins, shallowly five to seven lobed, long stalked.

FLOWERS: Pale purple to white, five mm across, in groups of one to three at bases of leaf stalks.

SEEDS:  Eight to 12 per flower, arranged in a ring, separating like segments of an orange, kidney-shaped, notched, back is covered with roughened ridges.


This weed is hard to kill with cultivation because of its long, tough tap root. Fall cultivation with wide sweeps or discing will give the best control. The root has to be cut below the crown in order to get control. Thorough cultivation in the spring will be required to kill plants that survive the fall cultivation.

Please refer to Saskatchewan Agriculture's Guide to Crop Protection for current herbicide rates and application recommendations.

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