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   Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The understanding of price, product, placement and promotion of farm production in relation to the competitive environment.

Ensure that calves born in 2008 are eligible for ALL markets by verifying birthdates prior to marketing this fall.

Producers interested in developing smaller local markets for farm-finished beef from cull cows.

The study includes the impacts of crop and livestock production and food manufacturing in the province.

Shrink is a condition of sale and the largest and most controllable component in marketing.

One of the most popular options for selling farm-fresh produce or any farm-produced product is a farmers market.

This publication includes basic information on markets, packaging, trucking, export administration and getting paid when selling hay to the USA market.

Market gardening is the practice of growing and selling produce on or near the farm site, where the farmer is the end seller.

Marketing options for forage seed growers include farm gate sales, farm retail sales, and selling or contracting production with a seed company or other party.

In order to successfully market and maximize profits when selling hay, a number of critical success factors must be addressed. 

Opportunities for Canadian pork in Hotels, Restaurants, Government and other Institutions

Provides background on marketing potatoes in the Prairie Provinces as well as cost of production information.

The purpose of this report is to provide guidance for food product exporters to Mexico on how they can develop a more efficient supply chain.  Particular emphasis is placed on advice to new exporters, but transportation benchmarks are developed in this study that can be useful to established exporters, too.

Who regulates food manufacturing in Canada?

Special Crop Marketing Companies.

A market analysis looking at various market opportunities for consumer-ready pulse products in North America.

A study investigating the market potential for case-ready beef products in Canada and the U.S.

Evaluates market opportunities for organic feed in the United States and Europe.

Wholesale marketing of vegetables is the bulk selling of product to a limited number of buyers, known as brokers, who resell the product.

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