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         Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saskatchewan supports a strong agricultural research and development program defined by intellectual capacity and infrastructure. These underpin the continued knowledge creation and technology commercialization that are needed to retain the competitiveness and profitability of farmers and the provincial agriculture and agri-food industry.

Saskatchewan's science and technology cluster helps to discover the novel potential hidden in our crops and living organisms, transforming them into marketable products.

Collaboration and teamwork among various public and private sector stakeholders allows the organizations to build upon each other's strengths to achieve the common goal of a successful agriculture industry in the province.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture invests more than $27.7 million per year in research and development activities enhancing the diversification and profitability of agriculture in the province. The Ministry offers programs that provide funding for projects in research, demonstration, and adoption of new technologies ranging from the local level to the development and commercialization of new technologies. The funding is targeted for the following four streams:

The Ministry Agriculture Research Branch is guided by an Advisory Committee who provide strategic input from the agriculture industry. Technical advice and support are provided by Ministry staff and personnel within the Agriculture Research Branch.

Agriculture Research Branch partners with the federal-provincial
Growing Forward program to help in the delivery of programs
that support research and development in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture's Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) is announcing its second call for Special Wheat Request for Proposals (Wheat RFP).

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This evaluation of the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) and Strategic Research Program (SRP) was commissioned by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (SMA) to investigate two major areas: (1) Assess the policy rationale for public sector intervention in support of agricultural research and development (R&D), including possible gaps in programming; and (2) Estimate the economic returns to ADF and SRP expenditures, using a benefit-cost analysis technique appropriate for R&D programs, and in particular to ensure that Saskatchewan's investment in these two programs was justified.

In support of the dedicated funding for beef, feed and forage research and development, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture recognized the need for a full review of the current beef, feed and forage research and development activities.

 Appendices - June 18, 2012

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The Agriculture Development Fund supports research and development

The ADOPT program accelerates the transfer of knowledge to Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers. Funding is provided to help producer groups evaluate and demonstrate new agricultural practices and technologies at the local level.

SAVI continues to help Saskatchewan agribusinesses grow, contributing to the province's value-added industry by assisting agribusinesses with product development, marketing efforts and training. Application categories have been adjusted to include labour training and enhancements.

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