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      Sunday, November 29, 2015

Raises awareness of the risk factors facing farm businesses, including how to assess the probability of risk and techniques to diminish risk.

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) assists producers in managing their operation's production risk over the crop year. Programs allow producers to tailor their coverage to their operation. Learn more about programs SCIC offers and the features and options available by visiting their website


AgriStability is a business risk management program, designed to provide financial support when producers incur large financial losses. AgriStability allows producers to protect their farm operations from a large margin decline, while stabilizing their farm income. Benefits are based on a 15 per cent or greater decline of the farm's current production year margin compared to a historical average.  For more information on AgriStability visit the SCIC website 


AgriInvest is a program available to help manage small income declines, and provides support for investments to mitigate risks or improve market income.  AgriInvest is delivered by the federal government.  For more information please visit the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada website 

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