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   Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Saskatchewan Agriculture - Be part of something great!

What we're about

The Ministry of Agriculture works with industry to create a vibrant and sustainable agriculture sector by encouraging economic growth through government programs and services. The Ministry ensures farmers, ranchers, producer groups, and industry have access to services and information through regional offices across the province. The Ministry promotes the competitiveness and benefits of Saskatchewan's agriculture sector by showcasing the industry on a national and international stage.

The Ministry of Agriculture's focus is on a client-centered service model. The Ministry wants to be known as an organization rooted in excellence that is: 

  • Proactive and innovative in the ways that we develop and deliver programs and services to our clients;
  • A valued partner;
  • A leader in the industry and the source for agricultural expertise;
  • A client-centered organization that achieves results; and
  • An employer of choice with the best employees.

We value your work

It's important to the Ministry to recognize those that exemplify our organizational values.

We are seeking to develop a stronger culture of recognition, one where people are recognized for living and demonstrating the Ministry's values.

Our managers, supervisors, directors and peers are all asked to lead by example in fostering a culture of recognition, taking every opportunity to acknowledge others and celebrate both small and large successes. We don't underestimate the impact of a simple thank you for a job well done.

We  grow opportunities 

Saskatchewan Agriculture offers a diverse range of opportunities for talented people. Among other professional and technical roles, the Ministry employs:

  • Agrologists
  • Business and financial consultants
  • Marketing experts
  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Economists
  • Policy analysts
  • Communications professionals
  • Administration support

In addition, the Ministry values employees with specialized skill sets in all areas where we operate - from the field to the boardroom. 

To find out about and apply for employment opportunities in the Ministry of Agriculture and across government, please visit the Government of Saskatchewan's Career Centre at

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