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     Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The first suite of GF programs has come to a close. If you have questions or outstanding claims, please refer to the page linked in the button above for contact information.

Federal GF2 Programs

BRM Programming

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is a federal-provincial-territorial policy framework of agricultural programs.

GF2 programming in Saskatchewan includes business risk management programming (Crop Insurance, AgriStability, AgriInvest and AgriRecovery) as well as strategic initiatives to provide a comprehensive suite of programs to producers and agribusinesses.

In Saskatchewan, the federal and provincial governments will invest $388 million over five years on strategic initiatives, which represents a more than $25-million increase per year.

These initiatives were developed through program reviews and extensive consultation with industry. The initiatives cover eight key programming areas that promote growth and benefit the long-term productivity, profitability and competitiveness of Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers.

Programs will cover the following areas:

Agriculture Awareness Initiatives

Agriculture Awareness Initiative Program 

The program funds industry projects that enhance the public's perception of agriculture, create awareness of its role in the economy and promote the diversity of agricultural careers. The program is available to Saskatchewan-based producers, commodity organizations, agribusinesses and agri-exports that wish to develop and execute agriculture awareness activities. 

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Industry Organization Development Fund

This fund is designed to provide assistance to Saskatchewan producer associations, commissions and that want to develop organizational and communications tools. 

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Agriculture Innovation, Research and Technology Transfer

Agriculture - Applied Research Management (Agri-ARM)

Agri-ARM connects eight regional applied research and demonstration sites into a province-wide network. Each location has an affiliated producer group that sets the research priorities for that site. These sites serve as centres for applied research and demonstration, focusing on increasing value from crops and enhancing production efficiency and environmental stewardship in a region.

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Agriculture Demonstration of Practices and Technologies (ADOPT)

The ADOPT program accelerates the transfer of knowledge to Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers. Funding is provided to help producer groups evaluate and demonstrate new agricultural practices and technologies at the local level.

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Agriculture Development Fund (ADF)

This program funds public and private researchers on a competitive basis to conduct projects that result in new knowledge, information and choices of technologies for producers and food processors.

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Infrastructure Support

This investment in operational support helps maintain state-of-the-art research and development institutions in Saskatchewan.

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Intellectual Capacity (Strategic Research Program)

This program funds the direct costs of 15 Strategic Research Chairs tasked with exploring, assessing and developing innovative ideas and new knowledge and technologies in areas beneficial to producers.  

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Ministry environmental programming is intended to improve producer and public understanding of the possible impact of agriculture on the environment and to ensure there are environmental controls in place. Programming consists of the following components:

Environmental Farm Planning

This program allows producers to assess their current farming practices to determine if any of their practices and their impact on the environment.

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Farm Stewardship Program

Once producers have an Environmental Farm Plan in place, producers can access the Farm Stewardship Program to implement beneficial management practices (BMPs).  The list of practices has been revised to remove what would now be considered standard practices.

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Group Planning (Agri-Environmental Group Plans)

AEGS will provide education and awareness to deal with environmental issues where action by all producers in an area can have a measurable impact.

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Farm Business Management

Canada Community Pasture Transition Program

This program offers funds to Canada Community Pasture Program patrons so they can develop legal entities, operational business plans and technical skills in order to lease or purchase the federal community pastures they currently occupy. 

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Farm Business Development and Training Initiative (FBDI)

This Program enhances the farm management skills of Saskatchewan producers. The Program focuses on training, assessment and planning tools for their operation. FBDI also provides financial support for consulting services.    

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Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program

This program will build future leaders by providing funding to industry associations who will match young producers with industry leaders.

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Agricultural Operator Program

This program provides basic skills training to individuals with little or no agricultural experience. Delivered by Parkland College, the three training modules include seeding, spraying and scouting, and harvest.  

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Green Certificate Training Program

The program provides practical hands-on training curriculum. Trainees can acquire skills necessary to find employment in production agriculture and may be eligible to earn high school credit.

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Food Safety, Plant and Animal Health

Comprehensive Plant and Animal Pest Control

This program provides support for control measures to address a number of persistent, costly and invasive agricultural pests, such as problem rodents and invasive plant species.

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Livestock Traceability Rebate

This program helps livestock producers and handlers access traceability technologies, such as hand-held readers, panel readers, traceability software and training for traceability equipment.

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Saskatchewan Premises Identification System

This investment will facilitate linking livestock and poultry to geographic locations for planning and responding to animal health issues and emergency response.

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On-Farm Food Safety Implementation Program

This program provides funding to assist provincial commodity groups to undertake on-farm food safety education and awareness activities. Producers can also apply for assistance through commodity organizations.

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Disease Surveillance and Management

This program will support the development  and strengthening of animal health monitoring in the province.

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Livestock Biosecurity Programming

On-farm biosecurity helps prevent the introduction and spread of disease. The programs also target awareness of biosecurity among service providers, assemblers of livestock and the general public.

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Meat Processor Livestock Welfare Program

The program provides funding to meat processors for improvements to the humane handling and stunning of livestock and poultry. Funding is available for assessments and equipment. Facilities that are licensed, certified, registered, inspected federally, or inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture's Domestic Meat Inspection Program, or the Ministry of Health's Public Health System, are eligible to apply.

For more information: email or call 1-877-874-536

Rural Water Infrastructure


Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP)

This program helps Saskatchewan producers develop secure water supplies for agriculture purposes.  FRWIP also helps minimize the impact of drought and promotes rural economic development.  Eligible applicants now include agribusinesses and non-district irrigators as well as district irrigators.

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Trade and Market Development

Market Development Program

This program builds on the previous International Marketing Development Program and will assist Saskatchewan organizations and businesses in pursuing new marketing opportunities.

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Value-Added Business Development

Food Safety Systems

This program is available to meat slaughter and meat processing facilities wishing to enhance their food safety systems by upgrading facilities and equipment or developing and implementing enhanced food-safety systems.

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Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative (SAVI)

SAVI continues to help Saskatchewan agribusinesses grow, contributing to the province's value-added industry by assisting agribusinesses with product development, marketing efforts and training.  Application categories have been adjusted to include labour training and enhancements. 

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Saskatchewan Lean Improvements in Manufacturing (SLIM)

SLIM provides financial support to agri-food processors for projects that improve productivity and efficiency.

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