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    Thursday, November 26, 2015

A comprehensive listing of our programs and services in one spot. 

GF2 programming in Saskatchewan includes business risk management programming (Crop Insurance, AgriStability, AgriInvest and AgriRecovery) as well as strategic initiatives to provide a comprehensive suite of programs to producers and agribusinesses.

Saskatchewan Agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have signed an agreement allowing the Livestock Loan Guarantee (LLG) program to administer the interest-only portion of the Advance Payments Program (APP) in Saskatchewan.

AgriFlex was announced in the 2009 Federal Budget and will provide $500 million over a five-year period between now and March 31, 2014. 

The Agricultural Implements Act regulates farm implement dealers to ensure parts and services are available.

The program provides basic skill training to individuals with little or no agricultural experience. Delivered by Parkland College, the three training modules include seeding, spraying and scouting, and harvest.

An improved public perception of agriculture is a strategic priority for the Ministry of Agriculture.

The program funds industry projects that enhance the public's perception of agriculture, create awareness of its role in the economy and promote the diversity of agricultural careers.

The ADOPT program accelerates the transfer of knowledge to Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers. Funding is provided to help producer groups evaluate and demonstrate new agricultural practices and technologies at the local level.

The Agriculture Development Fund supports research and development

The Agriculture Knowledge Centre is your place to start for the latest answers on topics ranging from crops and livestock to nutrient management and the economic implications of management decisions.

Agri-ARM connects eight regional applied research and demonstration sites into a province-wide network. Each location has an affiliated producer group that sets the research priorities for that site.

The Agri-Food Council is an independent board appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council is accountable to the Minister of Agriculture.

Saskatchewan Agriculture's primary communications vehicle for producers, providing production information, highlighting agricultural issues and activities occurring in the province's agriculture sector.

For use by the veterinary profession and the animal health industry.

The Beef Development Fund (BDF) supports the development and diversification of Saskatchewan's beef industry through the funding of projects related to production research, technology transfer, and development and promotion of new products.

Beelines newsletter is published in the spring and fall for Saskatchewan's beekeepers.

The Saskatchewan Government is making patrons of federal community pastures the priority after the federal government announced its plans to wind-down the federal community pasture program and transfer the land back to the provinces in the spring of 2012.

The Canada Community Pasture Transition Program offers funds to Canada Community Pasture Program patrons so they can develop legal entities, operational business plans and technical skills in order to lease or purchase Saskatchewan pasture land.

The fund supports various promotional and research activities that benefit the cattle industry in the province.

To honour Saskatchewan's farm families and their role in the development of the province.

All operators of domestic game farms that keep cervids in Saskatchewan are required by provincial regulations to participate in Saskatchewan's Cervid CWD Surveillance Program.

Work in partnership with industry and the Ministry of Agriculture to provide producers with responsive agriculture business risk management programs and services.

To provide diagnostic services in the areas of plant health, insects, weed control and herbicide resistance screening.

To promote the sustainable and integrated use of Crown land while providing opportunities for diversification and economic growth.

Milk Testing Results

Programs and services, information sources and related links.

To provide voluntary inspection of abbattoirs and meat processing plants to help ensure food safety.

A bimonthly e-newsletter for Saskatchewan's agriculture industry, featuring news and information related to trade and market development, industry trends and agricultural policy.

The Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP) supports the development of secure water supplies in Saskatchewan to expand irrigated acres, the livestock industry, encourage rural economic activity and mitigate the impacts of drought.

The Farm Business Development Initiative helps farmers to develop business plans and enhance business skills in eight business practice areas.

Fuel Tax Exemption Permit holders (i.e. farmers, commercial fishers, trappers and loggers) may purchase a portion of their gasoline tax exempt from registered bulk fuel dealers, cardlock or keylock operations for use in their farming, commercial fishing, trapping or logging activities.
The Farm Land Security Board oversees the Farm Foreclosure process, Home Quarter Protection mechanisms and Farm Ownership regulations that are part of The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act.

To provide confidential peer telephone counselling, support, information and referral services that respond to the needs of rural people families and communities.

The Canada Plan Service is a co-operative provincial network of agricultural engineers, design draftspersons and livestock specialists. It is concerned with the planning, design and construction of modern farm buildings to serve the needs of Canadian agriculture. The Service gathers ideas from across the country and develops these as engineered construction and management recommendations. This makes the latest building technologies and farmstead management practices available to all Canadian farmers

The "Forage, Feed and Custom Service Listing" is available without cost to the user.

Forms for various Saskatchewan Agriculture programs.

To support the development of the game farm industry by delivering licensing and regulatory programs for domestic game farms.

Learn about the importance of grain bag recycling.

The program provides practical hands-on training curriculum. Trainees can acquire skills necessary to find employment in production agriculture and may be eligible to earn high school credit.

Deductions under the Horned Cattle Purchases Act are a "penalty" to encourage dehorning of livestock. The money collected is used for research and development in the cattle industry.

The Industry Organization Development Fund helps Saskatchewan producer associations, commissions and boards to address their need for support in the areas of technology transfer, communication and organizational development.

This investment in operational support helps maintain state-of-the-art research and development institutions in Saskatchewan.

To develop environmentally sound intensive livestock operations.

Welcome to the Kid's Korner where you can lose yourself in a maze of facts about crop and livestock production in Saskatchewan.

To protect producer ownership rights through registration of acceptable livestock brands.

Purpose -To confirm rightful ownership of livestock offered for sale and of livestock transported in and out of the province.

To protect producers from non-payment when selling livestock to a licenced dealer.

The Livestock Loan Guarantee (LLG) program facilitates growth of Saskatchewan ’s livestock industry, including cattle, bison and sheep. The program provides producers with alternative financing options to purchase livestock or construct or expand feedlot facilities.

This program helps livestock producers and handlers access traceability technologies, such as hand-held readers, panel readers, traceability software and training for traceability equipment.

Quick links and shortcuts to various maps relative to Saskatchewan agriculture.

This program builds on the previous International Marketing Development Program and will assist Saskatchewan organizations and businesses in pursuing new marketing opportunities

The Ministry of Agriculture is hosting seven information sessions across the province.

Provides trained mediators to assist parties in resolving disputes outside the court systems.

Under the Saskatchewan On Farm Food Safety (OFFS) Implementation Program, provincial commodity groups, or their designates, are invited to apply for funding to assist them in provincial level implementation efforts of their nationally recognized OFFS systems

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture provides grants through the Agricultural Fieldworker Policy (Saskatchewan) to Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities for the co-ordination of the provincial pest control program.

Provides client focused veterinary laboratory services and expertise in support of animal health diagnostics, research, teaching and surveillance.

A summarized list of toll free numbers and contact information for various programs administered by Saskatchewan Agriculture.

Saskatchewan Agriculture is now offering a subscription service that enables you to receive a number of publications provided by the Ministry.

The Regional Offices, located in 10 locations around the province, help businesses, communities and commercial farmers to start, expand or change their agriculture business.

The program awards one winning scholarship valued at $4,000 and three runner-up scholarships valued at $2,000 each to students willing to speak up and tell the exciting story of agriculture.

SAVI continues to help Saskatchewan agribusinesses grow, contributing to the province's value-added industry by assisting agribusinesses with product development, marketing efforts and training. Application categories have been adjusted to include labour training and enhancements.

The Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc. (Food Centre) is a non-profit, cooperative focal point offering one-stop, full service assistance to food processors wanting to add value to their products for domestic and/or international markets.

The Province of Saskatchewan, located in the centre of the Canadian Prairies, invites qualified farm owners/operators and other agriculture experts to consider immigrating to Saskatchewan.

The brands accessible through this site have been compiled from the original records kept in the office of the Inspection and Regulatory Management Branch, Regina,

This program offers supplemental grazing to Saskatchewan livestock producers and promotes environmental and agricultural sustainability of marginal Crown lands; check out this link for more program details.

This program funds for the direct costs of 15 Strategic Research Chairs tasked with exploring, assessing and developing innovative ideas and new knowledge and technologies in key areas.

For more information on agricultural exemptions.

The Water Pumping Equipment Rental Program makes pumping equipment owned by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture available to pump water for farm/municipal and commercial/industrial purposes.

Archive information provided for research and historical purposes only.

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) was formed in response to a growing need to attract and retain youth in the agriculture industry.

This program enhances the leadership skills of young and future leaders by partnering them with successful industry leaders. As a result of the program, young farmers will be better prepared to become industry leaders in our province.

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